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Brain Connectivity Workshop 2020

Toronto, Canada




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The aim of Brain Connectivity Workshop is to establish a dialogue between researchers in computational neuroscience, neuroscience methodology and experimental neuroscience about the emerging field of brain connectivity.

This year the workshop will revisit the first ever Brain Connectivity workshop theme from a different perspective: "What does the mind think of the brain?" - focusing the discussions around what we have learned about our mind over the last 20 years of brain connectomics.

The topics will deal with consciousness and cognition, looking at the tripartite relationship between anatomical connectivity, brain dynamics and cognitive function.

The Brain Connectivity Workshop is conveniently right before OHBM in Montreal, Canada (June 26-30).


Tickets for this workshops are limited. You can buy tickets for $350 CAD online.

Tentative list of speakers

Please check for updates about confirmed speakers on more details von the BCW2020 event website.

  • Giulio Tononi: Consciousness & Cognition

    University of Wisconsin - Madison

  • Andreea Diaconescu: Bayesian models of Psychiatric Disorders

    University of Toronto

  • Viktor Jirsa: Dynamical Systems

    Aix Marseille University

  • Michael Mack: Cognitive Modeling

    University of Toronto

  • Bratislav Misic: Graphs/Networks

    McGill University

  • Petra Ritter: Multiscale Imaging/Modeling

    Charite University

  • Lisa Barrett: Brain-Body Interactions & Allostasis

    Northeastern University

  • Dani Bassett: Network Control Theory

    University of Pennsylvania

  • Gustavo Deco: Network Architectures in Cognition

    Pompeu Fabra University

  • Athena Demertzi: Conscious & Unconscious States

    University of Liege

  • Emily Finn: Fingerprinting Connectivity & Cognition

    Dartmouth College

  • Mike Halassa: Thalamocortical Interactions in Cognition

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Biyu Jade He: Perceptual Awareness

    New York University

  • Randy McIntosh: Hidden Repertoires in Cognition

    University of Toronto

  • Rosalyn Moran: Bayesian Models, Free Energy

    Kings College London

  • Mac Shine: Modulation of Network Dynamics

    University of Sydney

  • Enzo Tagliazucchi: Consciousness and Entropy

    University of Buenos Aires

  • Brandon Turner: Integration of Cognition and Neural Models

    Ohio State University


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Toronto, Canada

Venue will be announced


  • Randy McIntosh, University of Toronto
  • Sean Hill, University of Toronto
  • Olaf Sporns, Indiana University