The Virtual Brain

For over 20 years, bright minds and ambitious projects have attempted to emulate the human brain across various scales of organization. Despite impressive efforts to bring in the latest and greatest computing power of massively parallel hardware, success hasn’t yielded practical applications yet.

To get practicality sooner, The Virtual Brain takes a network approach on the largest scale: By manipulating network parameters, in particular the brain’s connectivity, The Virtual Brain simulates its behavior as it is commonly observed in clinical scanners (e.g. EEG, MEG, fMRI).

Though The Virtual Brain incorporates the complex world of neuro-chemistry only to a small degree, it gains a lot by not becoming as complex as the brain itself.

Instead, The Virtual Brain embraces and extends novel concepts from computational, cognitive and clinical neuroscience in order to drastically reduce the model's complexity while still keeping it sufficiently realistic – and delivering the same output as clinical brain-scanners.

Past events

New developments

  • Lia Domide - Spotlight

    TVB Team Member Spotlight | LIA DOMIDE

    October 7

    Lia Domide TVB Technical Lead and Software Architect, Codemart Read more...

  • GDPR Impact Conference

    August 31

    Join us September 18th for a free online conference on the impact of GDPR on digitization of biomedical research and clinical applications, including those using AI. VirtualBrainCloud will act as a case study, providing insight into the challenges and practical solutions of working with patient data. The talks will focus on data use, including privacy, security, and AI use, as well as the pra

  • fens-session-screenshot-2

    TVB EBRAINS at FENS 2020

    August 3

    In July 2020, Human Brain Project presented the new Research Infrastructure EBRAINS at the FENS 2020 Virtual Forum. You can find recordings of the sessions here.

    Check out our session on The Virtual Brain infrastructure on EBRAINS:

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" al

  • google-summer-of-code.jpg

    GSOC 2020

    July 1

    We got accepted in the Google Summer of Code program again!

    This time with 3 slots related to TVB.

    Big thanks to the INCF organization again!

    Danielle Marinazzo, Paula Popa and Lia Domide will be mentors in these interesting projects :

  • TVB tools EBRAINS flyer inside pages

    Virtual brain tools on EBRAINS

    January 27

    At the Human Brain Project Summit & Open Days in Athens, the TVB team is proudly presenting the results of the last two years of active research.

    All services and resources will be made available on the new EBRAINS platform!


  • TVB Dataset published on Zenodo

    October 6

    Zenodo has gained credibility in the science world, by providing reliability, a good indexing and flexibility for the published content. Thus, we decided to use it for our tvb-data.

    This is now the recommended place, from where you can download TVB compatible datasets.

    Our [Github Repo for tvb-data] (