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  • New paper: Virtual brain twins: from basic neuroscience to clinical use

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      Differences in network organisation/architecture in different diseases and during ageing. © INS, Aix-Marseille University

    This new paper from TVB's research group at INS in Marseille was published in National Science Review and presents a formalized and comprehensive conceptual framework as the starting point for virtual brain twins.

    Specifically, it provides a formal definition of a virtual brain twin and its key elem

  • Congratulations to Prof. Dr. McIntosh & Prof. Dr. Ritter for their new positions as chair & deputy chair of INCF

    Happy Holidays everyone! We’d like to take a moment to congratulate Prof. Dr. Randy McIntosh and Prof. Dr. Petra Ritter, for their new positions as chair & deputy chair of INCF. As part of the governing board and chairs of the organization, both will be a great support to the goals of the INCF - enabling open and FAIR science - by means of standardization, reproducibility and best practices when

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  • Virtual Brain Twin project funded by European Commission with 10 million €, addressing psychiatric diseases

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    A new EBRAINS-led neuroscience project has been awarded a 10 million Euro grant by the European Commission, as part of the Horizon Health Europe Calls 2023 initiative.

    The proposal, titled [Virtual Brain Twin for personalized treatment of Psychiatric Disorders]( "Visit

  • TVB Co-Lead Petra Ritter heading € 60 Mill funded project TEF-Health

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    We would like to announce and congratulate the launch of Testing and Experimentation Facility Health AI and Robotics TEF-Health, a project funded by the European Union and member states with 60 million Euros. Our own co-founder of The Virtual Brain, Prof. Dr. Petra Ritter, leads this new project, as well as the Brain Simulation Section at Charité in Berlin.

    TEF-Health has over 51 participants

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  • New Release: TVB version 2.7.1 integrates the siibra & BCT for Python!

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    Just in time for SfN 2022 in San Diego, we're releasing TVB 2.7.1 with over 40 improvements including bug fixes and dependencies upgrades.

    Head over to our download page and get your update for Windows, macOS and Linux now!

    If you have questions or would like to see a demo, visit our *[booth 3116](

  • eBRAIN-Health project awarded funding by European Union!

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    The Brain Simulation Section is proud to announce that the eBRAIN-Health project: Actionable Multilevel Health Data, coordinated by Prof. Petra Ritter, has been funded with € 13Mill by Horizon Europe.

    This comprehensive European infrastructure project is done in collaboration with EBRAINS AISBL and 18 additional European partners.

    The project aims to develop a new federated

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  • TVB on EBRAINS highlighted in the last CORDIS news!

    CORDIS recently featured EBRAINS Virtual Brain Cloud Facility Hub Services in its online article: "Making brain research easier with open-source software".

    TVB on EBRAINS services were developed under the lead of the Brain Simulation Section at the Charité, and can be accessed here.

    Find out mo

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      TVB on EBRAINS

  • Learn Bayesian Data Analysis with Michael Betancourt, a core developer of Stan & expert on Hamilton Monte Carlo

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    The Institut de Neurosciences des Systèmes in Marseille is happy to announce a workshop collaboration with Michael Betancourt, a core developer of the popular platform Stan and expert on Hamilton Monte Carlo!

    Bayesian Data Analysis is a key methodology for advanced brain simulation with The Virtual Brain, as can be seen in the [Bayesian Virtual Epileptic Patient](https://www.sciencedirec

  • The Virtual Brain: Facility Hub is the official EBRAINS competence center for TVB

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    • TVB Facility Hub / Launch announcement

    The Virtual Brain: Facility Hub went online under and serves as the first official EBRAINS contact point for any TVB related questions.

    This complements the EBRAINS hub network, providing access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources of HBP partners, fostering collaboration to carry out cutting-e

  • TVB co-lead Randy McIntosh to advance brain research through new SFU institute for Neuroscience and Neurotechnology!

    Dr. Randy McIntosh appointed Leadership Chair in Neuroscience and Technology Translation Across the Lifespan at the new SFU institute for Neuroscience and Neurotechnology!

    Read the article here.


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  • EBRAINS Virtual Brain Cloud Facility Hub at Charité Berlin has been implemented


    Get access to the state-of-the-art facilities and resources of HBP partner institutions, to foster collaboration and carry out cutting-edge scientific research.

    HBP and HBP partners provide access to three types of Facility Hubs:

    • Physical facilities (e.g. microscopes)
    • Competence centres providing specialized software support going beyond the EBRAINS High Level Support Team*
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  • EBRAINS HealthDataCloud – a secure distributed health data platform

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    Founding on EOSC project Virtual Brain Cloud Charite now leads EBRAINS’ Health Data Cloud –- a GDPR-compliant, federated research data ecosystem that enables neuroscience research consortia across Europe and beyond to work with sensitive neuroscience data originating from human subjects, as well as defined routes for sharing of the data and results.

    Enabling the integration of distributed heal

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  • Viktor Jirsa and the Virtual Epileptic Patient (VEP) team win Human Brain Project Innovation Award

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    • TVB HBP Innovation Award 2021 Cover

    In January 2021, the Human Brain Project has launched the HBP Innovation Awards to recognize project researchers in their role of “innovators”. The awards will give internal and external visibility to their efforts towards the exploitation of their research results.

    The first Innovatio

  • Collaboration: The Virtual Brain Cloud, EBRAINS and AI-MIND

    The Virtual Brain Cloud, EBRAINS and AI-MIND have formed a key strategic collaboration towards AI revolution in brain health care.

    Find out more here.

  • New Release: TVB version 2.3

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    This release brings over 20 improvements including bug fixes and dependencies upgrades. It's available for download for all supported platforms!

    Head over to our download page and get your update now!

    • Optimizations in framework: simulation run, Operations and Data structure page load
    • Start support for BIDS data: new button on