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“Towards Sustainable Research Software” Prof. Petra Ritter at the McGill Precision Convergence Webinar Series

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Prof. Petra Ritter will be a panelist at the McGill Precision Convergence Webinar Series with a keynote by Daniel S Katz.

McGill Precision Convergence Webinar Series is building upon the HPC Covid-19 consortium initiated by IBM, NSF and others - which is now being building upon in a national reserve for other crises, including these tied to climate change. The intent is to advance post-covid domain-specific collaboratives for world reset to convergence economy.

The high-level panel will discuss how the many data platforms currently developed and deployed can be (1) bridged in some novel ways and (2) linked with other tools of human and artificial intelligence used in the many society systems that create contexts (3) both preceding embedded in real-time in real-world transformation with key markers to support effective navigation toward a better future, be it in science, action and policy.

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