The Virtual Brain

For over 20 years, bright minds and ambitious projects have attempted to emulate the human brain across various scales of organization. Despite impressive efforts to bring in the latest and greatest computing power of massively parallel hardware, success hasn’t yielded practical applications yet.

To get practicality sooner, The Virtual Brain takes a network approach on the largest scale: By manipulating network parameters, in particular the brain’s connectivity, The Virtual Brain simulates its behavior as it is commonly observed in clinical scanners (e.g. EEG, MEG, fMRI).

Though The Virtual Brain incorporates the complex world of neuro-chemistry only to a small degree, it gains a lot by not becoming as complex as the brain itself.

Instead, The Virtual Brain embraces and extends novel concepts from computational, cognitive and clinical neuroscience in order to drastically reduce the model's complexity while still keeping it sufficiently realistic – and delivering the same output as clinical brain-scanners.

Past events

New developments

  • TVB Dataset published on Zenodo

    October 6

    Zenodo has gained credibility in the science world, by providing reliability, a good indexing and flexibility for the published content. Thus, we decided to use it for our tvb-data.

    This is now the recommended place, from where you can download TVB compatible datasets.

    Our [Github Repo for tvb-data] (

  • SFN 2019 logo

    The Virtual Brain Booth and Dedicated Poster Session at SFN 2019

    September 25

    We will be exhibiting TVB at SFN this year, along side our collaborators The Human Brain Project (HBP) and International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility <a href="" target="_blank" "Visit we

  • Logo TVB + TVB Cloud + Bernstein + HBP

    Dr. Petra Ritter Presents The Virtual Brain at the Bernstein Conference Satellite Event

    September 16

    Join us Tuesday the 17th of September at 15:30 for a presentation about the free and open source tool The Virtual Brain.

    The Bernstein Conference satellite event, titled Brain Circuit Insight, includes 7 talks including coffee break starting from 14:00 - 17:30 on the 17th and 6 talks including coffee brea

  • New Release: TVB version 1.5.8

    May 16

    This release brings over 50 improvements including bug fixes and dependencies upgrades. It's available for download for all supported platforms!

    Head over to our download page and get your update now!

    Note: This release will be relevant during our workshop [TVB Node#8] (