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  • TVB Co-Lead Petra Ritter heading € 60 Mill funded project TEF-Health

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    We would like to announce and congratulate the launch of Testing and Experimentation Facility Health AI and Robotics TEF-Health, a project funded by the European Union and member states with 60 million Euros. Our own co-founder of The Virtual Brain, Prof. Dr. Petra Ritter, leads this new project, as well as the Brain Simulation Section at Charité in Berlin.

    TEF-Health has over 51 participants from nine European countries, including public and private institutions. The project aims to accelerate efficacy and innovation in the biomedical sector via the use of AI and robotics. Using automation for design, testing and validation, as well as merging cross disciplinary sources of existing research data, TEF-Health aims to bring new high demand biomedical technologies to market.

    For more information on the project, see here

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