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  • 10,000 installations of The Virtual Brain: Thank you!

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    On the quiet Saturday morning of January 6th, 2018, an eager scientist tapped the trackpad – unknowingly making history and quite a few people dance on tables, toasting with leftover champagne from New Year's eve: Because the 10,000th copy of The Virtual Brain was downloaded!

    The story of this impressive achievement in modern neuroscience started 10 years ago, in a pub in Chicago where [Vi

  • TVB at 5th HBP School on Brain Disease Neuroscience in Austria

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    Members of The Virtual Brain group presented at the week long Human Brain Project (HBP) School with a geared focus on dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy and stroke from a multi-scale perspective. In total, there was 29 students that benefited from attending this hands

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  • Congratulations Dr. Petra Ritter!

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    Petra Ritter has been appointed as a Lifetime Professor of Brain Simulation at Charité University Medicine Berlin and Berlin Institute of Health.

    Join us in congratulating Dr. Ritter on her new designation and we wish her all

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  • TVB @ TEDx Padova

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    Dr. Petra Ritter presents an original talk about TVB at TEDx Padova , about where it all began, what it can do and where it aims to go. Explore some of the possibilities of TVB by watching her inspiring TEDx talk.
    Also, be sure not to miss the rare musical musing of Dr. Randy McIntosh snuck into the presentation.

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  • Just Released, TVB 1.5.4! Available NOW!

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    This release brings over 50 improvements to our visualizers and bug fixes. It's available for download for all supported platforms!

    Head over to our download page and get your update now!

    Note: This release will be relevant during our exhibitor booth presentations at the [Society for Neuroscience](

  • New release: The Virtual Brain version 1.5.3 (incl. latest bugfix releases)

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    This release brings over 50 improvements and bug fixes and is available for download for all supported platforms!

    The new version includes a modernization of the PSE Viewer (done during the Google Summer of Code 2016 by our student Devin Baily). Also an integral part of the official TVB distribution is the Allen Connectivity Creator. So you can create TVB-compatible connectivities fr

  • TVB @ SingularityU Germany Summit

    Dr. Petra Ritter presents TVB at SingularityU Germany Summit 2017 in Berlin, Germany. She is joined by Dr. Graeme Moffat of MUSE , the brain sensing headband, to highlight the collaboration between our groups.

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  • TVB and BrainModes in VR

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    TVB and BrainModes was showcased in virtual reality at the grand opening of the Einstein Centre Digital Future in Berlin.

    [Watch yourself in TV!](ür-digitale-Zukunft-wi/rbb-Ferns

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  • Interview with TVB Project Lead Dr. Randy McIntosh

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    McGill University has featured TVB Co-Founder and Project Lead, Dr. Randy McIntosh, in a recent article published in The McGill Tribune.

    The article was initiated after Dr. McIntosh gave a seminar talk at the [Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI)](

  • TVB Simulator available on HBP Collab

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    Since the beginning of 2017, The Virtual Brain software is accessible as a Python App on the collaboration platform of The Human Brain Project (HBP).

    Users can interact with the TVB Simulator core version 1.5 (but not our web GUI) directly in HBP Collab through iPython Notebook application.

    In the [TVB Collab](https://collab.huma

  • TVB shown at Berlin Science Week

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    **Leading TVB scientist Dr. Petra Ritter was invited to speak about The Virtual Brain and its clinical applications at the „Future Medicine“ Science Match 2016 in Berlin, Germany. This conference was part of the [Berlin Science Week 2016]( "Visit exter

  • New TVB website offers easier downloads, improves support for scientists

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    When the first website for The Virtual Brain was built, the software hadn't even reached beta state. That was in 2011.

    In the last 5 years, we've added many new parts to the website and saw the list of newsworthy events, software releases, research papers and contributors grow. The old structure was bursting at its seams. So for [SfN2016](/tvb/zwei/newswire-event-single/120110-see-tvb-live

  • Past Italian Premier Matteo Renzi is introduced to TVB live on stage

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    Leading TVB scientist Dr. Petra Ritter was invited in a panel discussion together with Italian premier minister Matteo Renzi, to explain how The Virtual Brain could actually simulate Renzi’s thinking.

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  • TVB invited to Google Summer of Code 2016 Mentor Summit

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    TVB Lead Developer Lia Domide was invited to join the Google Summer of Code 2016 Mentor Summit in Sunnyvale, California.

  • Brain simulator Code Jam in Romania

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    Key software developers from the TVB team meet again for the 2016 Code Jam in Cluj, Romania.

    For several days, the leading software specialists and neuroscientists from the TVB team are discussing architecture, upcoming features and how to integrate the latest findings from active neuroscience research.