The Virtual Brain

  • Virtual brain tools on EBRAINS

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    At the Human Brain Project Summit & Open Days in Athens, the TVB team is proudly presenting the results of the last two years of active research.

    All services and resources will be made available on the new EBRAINS platform!


  • TVB Dataset published on Zenodo

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    Zenodo has gained credibility in the science world, by providing reliability, a good indexing and flexibility for the published content. Thus, we decided to use it for our tvb-data.

    This is now the recommended place, from where you can download TVB compatible datasets.

    Our [Github Repo for tvb-data] (

  • 10,000 installations of The Virtual Brain: Thank you!

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    On the quiet Saturday morning of January 6th, 2018, an eager scientist tapped the trackpad – unknowingly making history and quite a few people dance on tables, toasting with leftover champagne from New Year's eve: Because the 10,000th copy of The Virtual Brain was downloaded!

    The story of this impressive achievement in modern neuroscience started 10 years ago, in a pub in Chicago where [Vi

  • TVB Simulator available on HBP Collab

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    Since the beginning of 2017, The Virtual Brain software is accessible as a Python App on the collaboration platform of The Human Brain Project (HBP).

    Users can interact with the TVB Simulator core version 1.5 (but not our web GUI) directly in HBP Collab through iPython Notebook application.

    In the [TVB Collab](https://collab.huma

  • TVB collaborates with The Human Brain Project

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    Members of the TVB team participated in a 3-day workshop with The Human Brain Project (HBP) near Geneva, Switzerland.

    Organized by the Brocher Foundation, 33 specialists collaborated to strengthen ties between various research projects working with brain models