The Virtual Brain

  • TVB @ TEDx Padova

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    Dr. Petra Ritter presents an original talk about TVB at TEDx Padova , about where it all began, what it can do and where it aims to go. Explore some of the possibilities of TVB by watching her inspiring TEDx talk.
    Also, be sure not to miss the rare musical musing of Dr. Randy McIntosh snuck into the presentation.

  • Interview with TVB Project Lead Dr. Randy McIntosh

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    McGill University has featured TVB Co-Founder and Project Lead, Dr. Randy McIntosh, in a recent article published in The McGill Tribune.

    The article was initiated after Dr. McIntosh gave a seminar talk at the [Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI)](

  • TVB shown at Berlin Science Week

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    **Leading TVB scientist Dr. Petra Ritter was invited to speak about The Virtual Brain and its clinical applications at the „Future Medicine“ Science Match 2016 in Berlin, Germany. This conference was part of the [Berlin Science Week 2016]( "Visit exter