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  • 10,000 installations of The Virtual Brain: Thank you!

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    On the quiet Saturday morning of January 6th, 2018, an eager scientist tapped the trackpad – unknowingly making history and quite a few people dance on tables, toasting with leftover champagne from New Year's eve: Because the 10,000th copy of The Virtual Brain was downloaded!

    The story of this impressive achievement in modern neuroscience started 10 years ago, in a pub in Chicago where [Vi

  • New TVB website offers easier downloads, improves support for scientists

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    When the first website for The Virtual Brain was built, the software hadn't even reached beta state. That was in 2011.

    In the last 5 years, we've added many new parts to the website and saw the list of newsworthy events, software releases, research papers and contributors grow. The old structure was bursting at its seams. So for [SfN2016](/tvb/zwei/newswire-event-single/120110-see-tvb-live